The Prize

One winner will receive a live taping of The New Activist in their hometown. Eddie, and a bunch of microphones, will get on an airplane, fly to you, set up the aforementioned microphones in your living-room/church sanctuary/Elks Club lodge/etc., interview someone awesome, host a Q and A, and hang out with you and your friends. Eddie will also bring a bunch of The New Activist stickers for people, if he still has them. No promises on the stickers.

How you can win

The way you enter this contest is by signing up to be a Freedom Partner - joining the fight to end slavery. Becoming a Freedom Partner means that you're giving $24 a month, or more, to support the work of IJM.

Your money will go directly to the work of IJM and will support last-minute rescue, critical aftercare, and lasting restoration of justice systems.  In short, this $24 will bring life changing help to slaves all around the world. It is, by far, the best money you'll ever spend. 

The way you become a Freedom Partner (and enter the contest) is by clicking here. FYI, you can sign up to be a Freedom Partner via other methods, but to enter this contest you have to click on the link I just gave you. It's the only link that ties back to The New Activist contest. Again, here's THE LINK. 



- The contest will run from December 7, 2017 (4am Eastern) to December 31, 2017 (11:59 Eastern). A winner will be picked and announced on Facebook sometime between January 1st and January 5th, 2018. 
- This contest is only for people who sign up to become a new Freedom Partner as a part of this contest. Existing Freedom Partners are amazing, but not eligible to win.
- You (the winner) and Eddie (the host) will work together to determine the best guest(s) for the show, location for the show, and date for the show.
- IJM will cover Eddie's travel (i.e. flight, meals, hotel, rental car). 
-Finding the right venue will be up to you. It can be your living room, church sanctuary, wherever. You and Eddie will chat about this and figure it all out.
-IJM and The RELEVANT Podcast Network may invite people to this live taping. For example, if there are some awesome IJM volunteers in the area, we'd love to invite them. But, it won't be many people and we'll certainly let you know! 

Boring details:
Must be 18 or older to enter. Void where prohibited. International Justice Mission and RELEVANT Media reserve the right to cancel this taping, cancel this contest, or not air the recording as an episode of The New Activist. The winner will be selected randomly. Becoming a Freedom Partner for more than $24 a month does not give a person better odds of winning (but you should still do it). 

ekaufholz [at] ijm [dot] org