You are the new activist...

And we want to hear your story. What are you doing to serve the world around you? What problem did you see and then decide to help with? What new idea did you come up with that helped address an injustice?

FYI: Your submissions don't have to be epically huge and revolutionary - though they can be if that's your story. Maybe you're a college student who decided to work an extra shift a week and give that money to the guy on the corner - that's a great story! Maybe you started the next world-changing NGO - again, great story!

See what we're getting at? What's important is that you did something - anything - and want to share it.

The reason we're collecting these stories is because we're in early development on some new ideas. So, your story may be a part of those new ideas. Or it may not be. This isn't a contest, just a place to share your story with, at minimum, Eddie. Or at most, The New Activist audience. Eddie and/or The New Activist audience can't wait to hear what you're doing!


So tell us what you're doing.

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Keep this short please. You don't have to tell every moment of the narrative or sell anyone on why it's a great story - because it already is! Just take one paragraph and give a tidy overview of the work you're doing. Thanks!
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